4 Ways to Earn Marriott Lifetime Status

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With the upcoming merging of points between Marriott and Starwood come August, there are many questions on how one can earn lifetime status. Ultimately, there are four different ways to earn lifetime status. Earning lifetime status via #1-#3 must be done by the end of this year. #4 is the new requirement which will start in August and will be how one can earn lifetime status going forward.

1. Earn lifetime status under the CURRENT Starwood requirements through December 31, 2018

While the number of nights required to earn lifetime status with Starwood isn’t that high, having that many years of elite status might be the challenge. And remember, only stays at Starwood properties will count (you cannot include Marriott stays).

  • Lifetime SPG Gold = 250 nights and 5 years of elite status
  • Lifetime SPG Platinum = 500 nights and 10 years of Platinum status

2. Earn lifetime status under the CURRENT Marriott requirements through December 31, 2018

Marriott is one of the few programs where ALL points earned count towards lifetime status. This includes points earned from hotel stays, purchased points, points transferred from another person, points transferred from another program such as Chase Ultimate Rewards, credit card bonus points, etc. The one exception is that points transferred from your Starwood account will NOT count towards lifetime status. And similar to the Starwood requirements, only stays at Marriott properties will count (you cannot include Starwood stays).

  • Lifetime Silver = 250 nights and 1.2 million points
  • Lifetime Gold = 500 nights and 1.6 million points
  • Lifetime Platinum = 750 nights and 2 million points

3. Earn lifetime status by combining Starwood and Marriott nights and years towards status through December 31, 2018

Through a reliable source, there actually might be one more way to earn Platinum Premier lifetime status for just 2018. While it isn’t 100% confirmed yet, my fingers are crossed that this method actually works. You can learn more here

  • Lifetime Platinum Premier = 10 years of Platinum status combined between Starwood and Marriott AND 750 nights combined between Starwood and Marriott.

4. Earn lifetime status under the NEW requirements.

You can also earn lifetime status with the NEW requirements being put in place in August 2018. Marriott will actually COMBINE your current lifetime progress with both programs! These will be the new requirements going forward. This is great for those that have stayed at both Marriott and Starwood properties throughout the years. Remember though, there will be no way to earn Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status under the new requirements.

  • Lifetime Silver Elite = 250 lifetime nights plus 5 years of elite status
  • Lifetime Gold Elite = 400 lifetime nights plus 7 years of Gold Elite status or higher
  • Lifetime Platinum Elite = 600 lifetime nights plus 10 years of Platinum Elite status

Matching Lifetime Elite Status

If you’ve already earned Lifetime status in one of the two programs or if you will earn it under the current requirements by the end of December 31, 2018 (so with option #1 or #2), this is how your current lifetime status will match to the new program. Earning lifetime status in 2018 under the CURRENT requirements is important as it will be your only opportunity to earn Platinum Premier lifetime status. In 2019 Platinum status (which is one status level below Platinum Premier) will be the highest status you can earn.

Starwood Match

  • Starwood Lifetime Platinum Gold => Marriott Lifetime Gold Elite
  • Starwood Lifetime Platinum => Marriott Lifetime Platinum Elite
  • Starwood Lifetime Platinum with 750 nights => Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite

**For those who have earned Starwood Lifetime Platinum but have been able to earn 750 nights (instead of just the required 500 nights), you’ll receive Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite

Marriott Match

  • Marriott Lifetime Silver => Marriott Lifetime Silver Elite
  • Marriott Lifetime Gold => Marriott Lifetime Platinum Elite
  • Marriott Lifetime Platinum => Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite

What lifetime status are you trying to obtain? And feel free to comment below with any questions.

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5 years ago

Hi Jen,

I have 317 nights with Starwood, 10+ years Platinum, both the SPG personal and business and
227 nights. Cancelled Chase Marriott Personal Visa in Oct 2016. Im at 4/24. Could I still get the Chase personal or business to give me a boost on nights? Any other advice? Thanks

5 years ago

Current Starwood Lifetime Platinum members will only get Lifetime Platinum, not Platinum Premier, unless they have a combined 750 nights from Starwood and Marriott.

5 years ago

I currently have 770 nites with marriott and 1950000 point as of today
I have called marriott a few times but I havent received a clear answer as to when I need to reach 2MM points in order to get the platinum premier status for life
it’s in August when the two programs merge or until December 2018? do you recommend transferring points from chase or amex rewards to achieve the 2mm mark?

5 years ago

Is it safe to say that Lifetime Platinum Premier is just a title that can’t be earned anymore in the future? I don’t really see any more additional benefits other than that and maybe an annual gift for life?

5 years ago

Isn’t it true that if you sign up for the new Marriott card, they will apply the 15 nights credit in 2018 as well as 2019?

Maxine Zylstra
Maxine Zylstra
5 years ago

We are so close to earning Marriott Lifetime Platinum this year which we could easily accomplish by 12/31/18. We have enough nights, we just need more points. I spoke with 3 different representatives at Marriott concerning my situations and received 2 different answers, so 2 representatives were in agreement. I’m hoping you can clarify.
My questions are:
1. Is the deadline for earning points 8/31/18 or 12/31/18?
2. In order to obtain the Marriott Lifetime Platinum this year so it will transfer to a Marriott Platinum Lifetime Premier Elite Status do I need 10 years as a platinum member or just the combination of 750 nights and 2 million points by 12/31/18?
I really enjoy your posts. They are informative and very easy to understand.

5 years ago

I will have enough to reach SPG lifetime gold status through combination of my SPG and Marriott nights and years of status by August 1. Will they match me to Marriott gold lifetime under the new program?

Separate question, if I spend $30k on my Spg credit card by 8/1, will I get Marriott platinum for next year?

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