Figuring Our Your Nights, Points, and Years Towards Marriott and Starwood Lifetime Status!

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Knowing how many nights, points, and years of status in both the Marriott and Starwood program is crucial. As you probably already know by now, Marriott and Starwood are fully combining their programs in August 2018 and is being extremely generous in honoring lifetime status for both current Marriott and Starwood programs. While they are implementing new requirements for earning lifetime status going forward, you still have the rest of 2018 to earn status based on the current requirements. Not only that, this year is the only year that one can earn Platinum Premier lifetime status. Starting in 2019, Platinum will be the highest lifetime status you can earn. While there isn’t a huge difference between the two, if you are able to earn Platinum Premier status for life, you might as well! Knowing your information is important as you might be pretty close to earning lifetime status. You can learn more about the 4 ways to earn lifetime status here – this post will detail out for you the stats you need to earn some sort of lifetime status both in 2018 and going forward!

Checking your Marriott Nights, Points, and Years of Status

On the Marriott website, you can only check the number of nights you have towards lifetime status. Click on the “details” link under your Gold/Platinum status number in your Account Overview page. They used to list out your lifetime points, but it seems as though they took away that number within the past few weeks. The number of years you’ve had at the Gold or Platinum level is also not listed. To get your accounts lifetime points and years towards status, you’ll have to call Marriott Rewards or send them a message via Twitter. I personally took the lazy way out and sent them a message through my Twitter account. Their twitter handle is @MarriottRewards. They took about half a day to respond to my inquiry. 

Checking your Starwood Nights, Points, and Years of Status

On the Starwood side, you’ll need to sign into your SPG Dashboard. It will give you your lifetime numbers including nights and years of elite status. The only thing though is it will only give you the numbers for the status you currently hold. So if you are currently Gold status (like me), it will not give you your years of elite status you’ve had at the Platinum level. 

Again, I took the easy way out and sent SPG a message via Twitter. I personally sent SPG a message via Twitter to see if they could give me the information. They responded within 30 minutes!

The reason why the number of years was important for me was because of the new possibly way to earn status by combining your Marriott and Starwood nights and years of status. You need 10 years of Platinum status and 750 nights between the two programs to earn Marriott Platinum Premier status. I have 944 nights between the two programs and 10 years so assuming this new method is accurate, I will easily earn Platinum Premier status for life without having to completing anymore stays with Marriott! I wrote more about this method here.

Hopefully Marriott will update their program within the next few months to include lifetime points and years towards status, but for now, being able to find out the info from them directly shouldn’t be too difficult!

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3 years ago

One Platinum and 6 GOLD years in addition to 80 nights with SPG. 302 nights with Marriott and the points won’t count with the combined new program. Marriott Platinum years not showing on the website, but have had at least 2-3 years of Marriott Platinum status. So I figure with the 15 elite nights with the credit cards and I will need 3 more nights to be lifetime GOLD with the new program.

Not much I can do between now and August to achieve a higher lifetime status. Whaddya think?

3 years ago
Reply to  Kalboz

I think Lifetime Gold is pretty useless. I am lifetime Gold so I’m familiar with no upgrades and no breakfast.

3 years ago

Here is my response from SPG: “Thank you for reaching out to the SPG team. We are not able to disclose information on member’s SPG account via Twitter due to security reasons. Verification is based on security question you have set online and it must be done through a phone-call.
For immediate assistance, please call the toll-free SPG hotline by following this link
Or provide your contact detail and a convenient time for us to speak with you.”

3 years ago

I have 1,650,000 points in the Marriott program with over 800 nights. I currently have Lifetime Gold with Marriott.

I have roughly 400,000 points in the SPG program (Earned in SPG not transferred from Marriott)

When the programs merge I should be over the 2M point requirement for Platinum (under the Marriott rules)

Is your understanding that I will have Platinum Premier or are there additional hoops I’ll need to jump through to achieve this status?

3 years ago
Reply to  dealswelike

I do not. 🙁 Probably about 6 with Marriott. Well shy of 10…

The FAQ says that you’ll have until the end of the year to earn LT Platinum under the terms of the old Marriott program (2M points & 750 nights.) IMO – The FAQ is very unclear about the combining of Marriott and SPG points for LT status. I know that the SPG points are not counted today. Has someone at Marriott confirmed with you that the SPG points will not count in August? I’ve called Marriott and been told they would count and then on another call was told that they would not count. The front-line support folks were just reading the FAQ to me when attempting to answer my question. I’ve had a really hard time getting an answer that I am confident is accurate.

I can transfer over 350K of Ultimate Reward points to get to LT Platinum but this seems like a poor use of the UR points. I assume I could do this between August and December?

3 years ago

You can look up your LT points on this webpage:


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