Free Money with Amex Sync 201: Syncing with your AmericanExpress Account

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One of the ways to register for the American Express Sync promotions is through your account. Unfortunately, through the personal accounts the promotions are targeted so what you see available might be different than someone else.

To see what is available, sign into your account to see the “Account Home” page. At the bottom of the page you will see your latest transactions. You will need to click the “Offers For You” tab to see which promotions you are eligible for. If you have multiple American Express cards, the offers might be different as well. To see what another Amex card under your account is eligible for, you will need to click on the card image at the top of the page and go back to the “Offers For You” tab.

Before you can take advantage of the offer, you MUST enroll by clicking the “Save Offer” button. You will see all your enrolled offers in the “My Offers” page.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.05.16 AM

Read this part carefully: If the same offer shows in multiple accounts, once you save the offer from one account it will disappear from another account meaning you are limited to 1 per account. However, there are two roundabout methods to enroll in the offer for multiple cards:

  • Create a different account, meaning a different username/password for each card. This will allow you to enroll the offer on multiple cards, assuming the offer appears for each card.
  • Sign into your American Express account at the same time on different web browsers. For example, sign in on Internet Explorer and Chrome. On the first browser click on the “Offers For You” tab for card for Card A, and on the second browser click on the “Offers For You tab” for Card B. Right after each other without changing the site you are on, Save the Offer to each card. Note, this will only work with different web browsers, not when you are on different tabs within the same browser. I personally think this option is easier than the first one described, but it all comes down to how many Amex cards you have.

If the offer is available via Twitter as well, then you do not need to worry about only one card registering. With Twitter you can register multiple cards much easier (more on that in the next post). 

If you have the American Express app on your phone, you can also register for these promotions on the go, but registering multiple cards is difficult. You can also see which promotions you’ve already taken advantage of (since most of the promos are limited to one statement credit per card), by clicking on the “My Savings” tab.

Let me know if you have any questions! You can search for all the current Amex Sync promotions here.

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6 years ago

If I enrolled in a promotion & received the credit already – 1) If I return the item will the credit be taken back after the merchnat refunds me the money

2) If it does take it back – can I get it again If I purchase something else?

6 years ago
Reply to  mh

@mh – The only experience I have was with the TripAdvisor promotion. I got the credit and then when I cancelled my trip the credit was taken back. A great roundabout way is to purchase a gift card and then if you return you’ll get a gift card back.

6 years ago

Diff browsers are not required. I have synced multiple cards using different tabs in chrome browser many times. It is important that you are on the Offers available tab within Offers for You section on all browser tabs before you start saving offers.

Computer Guy
Computer Guy
4 years ago
Reply to  Unclesam

I think Chrome creates a new instance of the program for new tabs. You will see a process in Windows for each tab you have open. This is not true with Firefox which has all tabs under one process.

6 years ago

If you set up separate logins for each account, how does that affect Membership Rewards pooling?

Also, can you retroactively make accounts separate, if currently you only use one login handle?


6 years ago

I have two cards (one for hubby, one for me) that roll up into one AmExp account. I have synced the account, but his card gets the benefits and mine does not. How do I add the “extra” card to the AmEx offers?

6 years ago
Reply to  KH

@KH – Unfortunately some of the sync promos are targeted. The ones that are available via Twitter, however, anyone can sync to.


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