Free Money with Amex Sync 301: Syncing with Twitter

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When the Amex Sync concept originally made a debut it was primarily available via Facebook and marketed as Amex “Link, Like, Love.” A few years later and the primary channel is Twitter.

I personally love when the Amex Sync promotions are available via Twitter, I think it is the easiest option to register. When it is available via Twitter it is available to EVERYONE and is not targeted like the “Offers For You” tab that I mentioned in the Amex Sync 201 post.

Of course each Twitter account is only able to have one American Express credit card tied to it, but there is NO limit on the number of Twitter accounts you can have! I personally have a separate Twitter account for each American Express card I own. To keep track my Twitter handle is the name of the card, of course with unique letters afterwards so the username is available.

To get started:

  • Create a Twitter account here. You will receive an email to confirm your account.
  • Sync your American Express card to your Twitter account here. Make sure you are signed into the Twitter account that you want the card tied to. If you are not sure which card is currently synced with your account, you can unsync and then re-sync.
  • Create a new Twitter account and sync a different card for every American Express card you have. While this is annoying to set up for every Amex card, it is a one time thing and will be easy going forward. Remember, all Amex cards are eligible (minute prepaid and corporate cards), this includes for example, Amex cards with membership rewards (Blue, Gold, Platinum, etc.), co-branded Amex cards (Starwood, Delta, Hilton, Costco, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, JetBlue, etc.), as well as authorized user cards (so if you are the authorized user on your partners SPG card, both of you can register and take advantage, for example!). 
  • When a new Amex Sync offer comes out, Tweet the hashtag (ex: #AmexJCrew) for every account.
  • You can actually use a site called Tweet Deck to send out one Tweet from all your registered Twitter accounts. It is super easy to do, just sign in with your default account, go to Settings, then Accounts, and add all your Twitter accounts. You can set this up once and when a new Amex sync promo comes along you can sign into Tweet Deck and Tweet the hashtag.

I tweeted, now what?

  • Once you Tweet the appropriate hashtag, make sure you are actually registered prior to making the purchase.
  • Click the “@Connet” button on the top of your Twitter page.
  • Within a few minutes of Tweeting, you will receive an interaction from “@Amex Sync” saying “@dealswelike thx for enrolling in #AmexJCrew offer. Spend w/ synced Card & receive credit. See terms:”
  • If you DO NOT receive the confirmation you are not yet enrolled. Make sure to check that you Tweeted the correct hashtag.
  • Also, many of these promotions are limited enrollment, so if the maximum has been met you will receive a message back saying “@dealswelike Sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexAmazon offer. Visit for more offers” – if you get this message you unfortunately will not receive the statement credit/

To find out all the available Amex Sync promos via Twitter:

  • Go to this American Express Twitter handle from time to time. Unfortunately though, they are many times late to the game with announcing already existing Amex Sync promotions.
  • Follow me on Twitter! Many times I am actually tweeting out the Amex Sync promotion hashtag before Amex has it listed!
  • Check out my “Amex Sync” static page on the blog. This page is updated typically weekly and lists all of the Amex Sync promotions including how you can register and the hashtag, if available.

Enjoy your free money and let me know if you have any questions! You can search for all the current Amex Sync promotions here.

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Sameer Agarwal
Sameer Agarwal
6 years ago

are these offer also available with Business cards ? say Amex SPG Biz card.. the reason I ask is, I can see this offer in the myoffer section of the Personal card, but not the business card..

5 years ago

Is this Tweet Deck still working? I don’t see a place to link other twitter accounts…

5 years ago

Actually, can still add other twitter accounts, but it is under accounts instead of settings…

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