Might Frontier Become My New Favorite Airline?! My Kids Can Fly for Free All Year!

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Last week I wrote about Frontiers pretty ridiculously awesome “Kids Fly Free” promotion. With every paid adult fare, your child (14 years or younger) can fly with you for free. Yes, you read that right—FREE! And if two parents are flying, that means two kids can fly for free. For my family of four, two adults and two kids, that means we could essentially fly for half price on Frontier on many many flights. We are definitely a find the lowest price seat available type of family and do not need lay flat beds, so I have absolutely no problem flying with Frontier. I actually flew with them a few years back and had a very pleasant experience. Frontier also just announced their arrival to Boston, my home airport, so flying with them is now actually very realistic—although they have been flying to limited destinations out of Providence for the past few years. With this kids fly free promotion, I actually might start flying them quite often this year.

8 Things to Know About this Promotion

1. Valid all year!

Originally when the promotion was launched last week, the T&C stated that all flights had to be booked by January 28th, which means today! However, Pizza in Motion had a call with their PR team and it seems like this will actually be an ongoing promotion, despite the terms still having todays date.

2. You must be a Discount Den member

This is a pretty awesome promotion, but there is one big thing you should know. Only Discount Den members are able to take advantage of this offer. Although you can sign up today and start taking advantage of the promotion right away if you are not already a member. Membership costs $59.99 a year. The typical advantage of membership is that fares are typically $5-$10ish less than the regular fare price. With the membership, up to 6 people on your reservation can take advantage of the discounted fare. So let’s assume a $20 savings per passenger on a roundtrip flight; if you are a family of 4 that would save your family $80 right off the bat—making the Discount Den membership price well worth it in just that one flight.

3. Only one family member has to be a Discount Den member

If your family will always be flying together, only one family member has to pay the $59.99 fee for the Discount Den membership. Both parents can still have a child fly with them for free as long as everyone is booked on the same reservation.

4. Cannot be combined with promo codes

Frontier offers promo codes quite often. Typically they are between 30-50% off, but we’ve seen up to 99% off in the past as well! Unfortunately, you cannot combine a promotion code with the Kid Fly Free promotion. In those scenarios, you’ll want to price out both options and see which one actually will save you more money.

5. Only valid on certain dates

Unlike the Southwest Companion Pass, this is not a fly whenever you’d like and have your child fly with you for free offer. For the most part, your kids can fly free on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays and some Saturdays between mid-February and the beginning of August. Frontier flights schedule does not go past the beginning of August just yet. Qualifying dates include:

  • February – 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
  • March – 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
  • April – 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30
  • May – 1, 4, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, 29
  • June – 1, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26
  • July – 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
  • August – 5, 6

6. Yes, it is really free!

When you find a flight eligible for the “Kids Fly Free” promotion, their flight really is free. It doesn’t seem like there are any extra taxes/fees that you have to pay. Although definitely take into consideration baggage fees when comparing your overall cost to another airline.

7. No seat restrictions

As long as there is at least 2 seats left for purchase, you and your child can fly on the promotion. There are no exclusions that only a certain fare must be available. This works exactly the same as the Southwest Companion Pass.

8. Flight restrictions

Unfortunately, this promotion is only valid for Domestic flights. Frontier does fly to a few international destinations in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean—these locations DO NOT qualifying for the promotion. Aside from that, all US domestic locations and routes do qualify.

Booking the Flight

When you search flights on FlyFrontier.com, you’ll have to include 1 adult and 1 child to see whether or not the flight is eligible for the promotion. Just entering 1 adult into your search will not show the validity of the flight. After you enter the passengers, the dates, and city pair, when you go to search for your flight, all eligible flights will show “Kids Fly Free” right underneath the discount den pricing. You’ll then see the discounted price when you continue onto the next page.


While I really would love this promotion to work for my family, I am not 100% sure it will. The dates are pretty fixed and definitely do not work well with schedules now that my daughter is in Kindergarten. Also, many routes around the US from Providence and Boston do not fly every day. For example, Providence to Austin is a route I am interested in and they do not fly any Wednesday or Saturday. Another example is that the Providence to Orlando route doesn’t fly on Tuesdays. This means the number of days I can actually take advantage of the promotion is even more limited as the routes do not run on all of the promotional dates.

I am definitely going to consider this promotion when I look at my next vacation and see if the pricing works out in my favor, as long as the schedules align. Although since I have the Southwest Companion Pass, I already get to have one child fly with me for free and I can use the pass on any route on any date—no restrictions at all! On Southwest I also do not have to pay for any luggage; checked and carry on luggage is complimentary (up to 2 checked bags per passenger). Frontier on the other hand is an entirely different story as baggage fees can cost a small fortune. While I can probably get away packing extremely light for just myself on Frontier, when my kids are flying with me, packing is taken to an entirely other level.

Will you be taking advantage of this offer?

Thanks to Pizza in Motion for helping in finding out all these FAQs!

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4 years ago

The problem with this promotion is that the parents actually have to fly Frontier Airlines in order for the kids to be free. Not worth it.


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