Mrs. Deals-in-Law’s Perspective

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Another post by Mr. Deals Mr. Deals’ Dad! Yes that is right. Mr. Deals has taken a break this weekend and his dad is stepping in! This should be interesting…

Guys!  Specifically married guys or those who have been in long term relationships with women, I am sure you can identify.   We get “yelled” at or maybe I should say taken to task for a variety of “reasons”:

  • Can’t you take the trash out without me asking?
  • Why did you take the trash out, it wasn’t full yet?
  • Why are there always dishes left in the sink?
  • Don’t wash those dishes they should go in the dishwasher.
  • Why are you putting that in the dishwasher, you should wash that dish/mug/cup.

And laundry, there is no winning with laundry – hot water, cold water, whites, lights, darks, etc.   I will never figure that one out.  Or, you left the seat up, so you put down, but of course she wanted you to leave it up since she was going to clean it. Which shoes go with this dress (oh, boy that one is a loaded question, it always comes back to weight looks, and butt size.)


So my son marries a woman who yells at him for using the wrong credit card?   Very interesting.

Now Mrs. Deals, you have to admit you have a good deal going here.  Mr. Deals, cooks, cleans, and overall keeps a pretty nice home for you while you scour the internet for the next great deal in points, miles, credit cards and hotels, so go easy on the guy.

I am also a business traveler and accumulate many points and miles, but my approach is casual.  Mrs. Deals probably would say mindless.  When I have more than one night in a city I don’t think about stays vs nights and which promotion I am trying to leverage.  I am thinking about where I am familiar, they know me and treat me well.  I don’t like going to a different hotel each night to maximize stays.  You might say I am lazy, but I just don’t have the energy to run back and forth like that.

Also, how many credit cards can one carry?   I get it, but tracking the use of more than two cards taxes my powers of concentration and quite frankly, I am amazed at those who have the ability to do this.

So, a long time ago, Mrs. Deals told my son, she thought I was scary.  Me? Scary?!! Now it is sort of a joke, but now when Mrs. Deals asks me if I registered for this or that promotion, I just say yes.   Quite frankly I am scared to say anything else.  So who is scary now?

Anyhow we all have our passions and points and deals if they relate to bicycles or wine interest me, but Mrs. Deals thank you for looking after my son, and I will try to be a better student of “Deals we Like”, but please don’t yell at me, I don’t like being scared. Oh and Mrs. Deals, Go easy on my son Mr. Deals!

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11 years ago

Pretty funny! The LTR list was hilarious… And they are true no matter how well you know something. I worked at a laundry place when I was in my teens and figured I washed more than 10,000 pounds of everything during those years (how do you wash a feather bed? How do you fold a thong?!?)… And Mrs. Snow still wants to tell me how to do things ‘the right way’!

Next up: sibling posts. I claim I was the kid who wedged his bmx bike into place and then rode like mad so that he could use the back tire to dig a hole to China (point free travel!)!

11 years ago

Classic! Thanks Mr. Deals-In-Law!

11 years ago

Hilarious write up. I like the get yelled at list…so true. Hits home for me. Lol

11 years ago

LOL – love it


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