My In-Laws Go Overseas

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Another blog post by Mr. Deals…

Well was I treated to some great material just mid-week during the superstorm. I had the pleasure of watching Mrs. Deals parents get ready to embark on an international journey to Israel. I’ll start with this, had I not known they have traveled before, I would’ve thought this was their first time ever going on a plane.

I’ll focus on the pre-travel prep here. First off, originally the plan was for them to fly from Logan to JFK and then connecting on to Tel Aviv. This was scrapped when the superstorm hit and they decided to drive on down to NYC for a visit with their favorite daughter and son-in-law (one note here, I am their only son-in-law). We had the pleasure of hosting them on our super comfortable couch (it’s actually pretty awesome) and luckily my mother-in-law did not wake up at 5am to chop watermelon and scurry around the kitchen in our tiny one bedroom. (Note: It has happened before and I was anything but pleased and removed all kitchen privileges from that point on). So after one night in NYC, it was time for them to make way to JFK.

Next thing up was the suitcases. Mrs. Deals and I are efficient packers when going on overseas trips. We have both been able to survive more than 2 weeks overseas with nothing more than a backpack and carry on roller bag. In listening to the discussions going on with Mrs. Deals and my in-laws, this looked like it was going to be the first challenge. First off they had to borrow two of our carry on bags because theirs were too small to handle the load. Our bags expand, but even after showing them how it worked, I’m not so sure they truly had it figured out (I’m sure I’ll hear about this soon). The idea was that they could use the expansion to bring back whatever they had bought. They could barely get all their stuff in as is so the idea of them expanding it just seemed laughable.

Now, when going overseas you have to get to the airport earlier than a domestic flight. Typically an hour domestic and two hours international is safe. Well their flight wasn’t till 7pm. For some reason, 5 hours ahead of time seemed like the right time to get to the airport. I don’t know about the rest of you, but with 5 hours in the airport I think I would probably miss my flight only out of sheer boredom causing me to forget what time I was even flying. I think Mrs. Deals thought it was a good idea they get there extra early so we wouldn’t have to practice expanding the suitcases anymore.

The most exciting part of this whole trip was that Mrs. Deals made things even more difficult by spelling my father-in-law’s name wrong on the initial reservation. He had one too many “R’s” on his ticket and I was certain he would crack a wise comment at the gate and prevent himself from getting on the plane. It would’ve made for a great story but it looks like they got through alright and somehow made it back as well, phew!

I’ll be honest, witnessing all this was a lot more exciting than this blog could ever show. Next time I’ll have to take video or at least capture the audio to share the fun with everyone else. I don’t know how Mrs. Deals got her skills, and it’s likely a question I’ll be asking myself for a long time.

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Mother in law deals
7 years ago

A definite laugh for a sunday evening!

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