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If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you are probably aware that I love FREE money… I mean, who doesn’t! Although you won’t make millions, American Express does a good job at giving you  bunch of statement credits throughout the year. For about four years now,  American Express has had many promotions where all you need to do is sync your Amex credit card and at participating merchants you’ll receive a statement credit if you spend a certain amount of money. To date, I’ve received in the thousands back from American Express by taking advantage of their Amex Offers and other amazing promotions. While this does take some effort (although not much), there is a real benefit here.

So let’s go through the basis of taking advantage of Amex Offers:

  1. Which cards qualify? You can register almost all cards that have the American Express logo. For example, this includes, American Express Platinum and Gold, Hilton American Express, American Airlines American Express, Starwood American Express, American Express for Students, Bloomingdales American Express, Macys American Express, Costco American Express, Bluebird, Serve, etc. You get the picture! The only cards that do not qualify are corporate American Express cards. Prepaid cards and Target REDCard also do NOT qualify.
  2. Which means of social media allow me to sync my credit cards? Twitter, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. The most prominent one is Twitter as that is where you will find most of the offers. Many times you’ll see my reference a hashtag to register for the promotion which means it is available through twitter. TripAdvisor only has an offer once in a blue moon and Foursquare is starting to get back in the game as they’ve been on a hiatus for quite some time. If you are not into social media, I highly recommend Twitter only of it is for these offers.
  3. How do I sync my American Express card to these social media sites? You will need to sync your card with all four. You can only sync one card to each social media account, but remember, there is no limit to the number of accounts you have!
    1. Twitter: Sync your American Express card here
    2. Foursquare: Sync your American Express card here
    3. Facebook: Sync your American Express card here
    4. TripAdvisor: Sync your American Express card here
  4. Once my card is synced am I all set? Unfortunately no. Your card is synced, but then you must register for each particular promotion. Some promotions are available via all multiple social media methods, while others are limited to one or the other. Some promotions are also only available through the “Offers for You” tab on your AmericanExpress.com account, but more on that below.
  5. So then how do I register for a particular promotion? Each of the four social media sites, have a different method. Below are the basics, but I will dedicate another post to the step by step directions for each:
    1. Twitter: You must “tweet” the promotion code, with the hashtag included
    2. Foursquare: You must “check in” at the participating merchant
    3. Facebook: You must “like” the promotion in the “Amex Offers” app (formerly known as the “Link, Like, Love” app)
    4. TripAdvisor: You must find the particular promotion you are interested in and “Save to Card”
  6. Am I able to get the promotion multiple times if I registered via all four social media channels? You used to be able to double or triple dip, but American Express has now linked up all promotions so you will only be eligible once per card. Your AmericanExpress.com account will show all offers that you are currently registered for.
  7. Am I able to get the promotion more than once if I have multiple Amex credit cards? Although you are only eligible for the statement credit once per card, no one is stopping you from having multiple social media accounts, right? So let’s say you have three Amex cards, you can have three Twitter accounts, for example, all with a different card synced to it. This will allow you to maximize your statement credits. Just make sure to register all accounts and keep track on the cards being used. I have another post tomorrow dedicated to taking advantage of Amex Offers via Twitter.
  8. Can I register for offers any other ways besides using social media? You can also register for offers through your AmericanExpress.com account. Once signed in, go to the “Offers For You” tab and you will see all offers currently available for your particular account. Sometimes offers in your account are targeted which means registering through this method is the only one to apply it to your card. Some offers are actually only available through social media (typically Twitter), so you really need to utilize both methods to take advantage of all the offers. When an offer is available via Twitter, I recommend it over your AmericanExpress.com account as it is much easier to register all your cards for the offer.
  9. How long should the credit appear on my statement? In my experience all credits have appeared within a week! Sometimes within days.
  10. Am I able to purchase gift cards at a promotional merchant? Typically yes! For example, right now American Express will give you a $25 statement credit with a $250 or more purchase at Best Buy. Purchasing a $250 Best Buy gift card to use at a future date will trigger the statement credit. As long as the gift card is sold by the retailer directly and not a third-party merchant you are good to go! Many merchants also sell other stores gift cards. For example, there is another offer right now where if you spend $25 or more at Toys R Us in-store, you’ll get a $5 statement credit. Well, Toys R Us sells many gift cards for other merchants (i.e., Amazon.com, Shell, etc.). Overall, American Express just sees the amount that was charged to your credit card and they don’t care what was actually purchased.
  11. Is shipping and taxes included in the minimum amount required? Yes! As mentioned just above, American Express just sees the total amount charged in that one transaction. They do not care how you got there, just that you spent the amount required with the merchant. Just keep in mind though that many offers require you to spend a certain amount in one single transaction so if shipping, for example, is being charged separately that will not count.
  12. How do I find the various promotions? For starters, my Amex Offers page does a great job on having the latest American Express promotions. This page is updated weekly (if not more), so you can keep on checking if any new ones have been added. If an offer is available via Twitter, you will notice that I am tweeting out the hashtag almost immediately. You can follow me on Twitter here. You are also able to find out on the respective Amex Offers channels:
    1. Twitter: This Twitter page lists out some of the Twitter synching promotion. It does not list out all of them so buyer beware!
    2. Foursquare: In the app, search for “#AmexOffers” and any offers nearby will be displayed.
    3. Facebook: On your Facebook account, click on the “Amex Sync” app on the left-hand column. This will list all the Facebook sync promotions.
    4. TripAdvisor: This page lists all the promotions.
    5. AmericanExpress.com: Sign into your account and click on the “Amex Offers For You” down the page. You will then be able to see the offers available, your current registered offers, and your total savings thus far.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll add them to the list above. I’ll post this week on more specifics with the Amex Offers promotions.

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Carl P
Carl P
9 years ago

On the web site for The American Airline Amex I’ve never been able to find the “Offer for you”. Am I missing something?

Carl P
Carl P
9 years ago

Just to clarify, that’s on the Citibank site.

9 years ago

Offers for You can be found only on American Express accounts, not on co-branded accounts

9 years ago

Hello. I would like to know if you personal have had any problems w/ buying gc’s from hotels such as the Marriott/DoubleTree?

9 years ago

Could you tell me if these benefits apply to the Fedility Investment Rewards American Express Card please? Thank you

8 years ago

If I make two separate purchases with a retailer that add up to the amount that would qualify for a statement credit, does that count? Or does it need to be in a single transaction?

8 years ago

can someone snapshoot the picture of amex page that show hertz promo ?


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