Making Money with the Chase Sapphire and Chase Sapphire Preferred Cards

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This is a work in progress to see whether you can get the credit per merchant or if it is a one time thing.

Those with the Chase Sapphire or Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card can receive a $15 statement credit when paying for a purchase on one of their partner website and using the Visa Checkout option by September 30, 2015. You can check out the full terms on the Visa website hereThere are a total of 12 participating merchants which include:

  • Staples
  • Newegg
  • Gap
  • Pizza Hut
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Gymboree
  • Orbitz
  • Zulily
  • Fandango
  • Virgin America
  • Under Armour

There is no minimum about to receive the $15 statement credit, so as long as you make a purchase of a penny or more, this can be a great money maker! This is a very similar promotion to the Amex Checkout offer that I wrote ago last month (which has already expired), and I was able to receive a bunch of credits! Now there doesn’t seem to be many success stories just yet, so I am still waiting to find out if it works for multiple merchants or just a one time thing. I will report back once the credits post to my account (I am testing it with two stores to start with). I wouldn’t go crazy with spending a lot of money just yet.

Taking advantage of the promotion per merchant

As I mentioned, you can take advantage of this offer per merchant. I’ve gone through every merchant and have detailed out the best way to maximize. Also, once this promotion continues there will be more stories of what does/does not work so I will make sure to update accordingly.

StaplesPurchase a Staples gift card or a gift card to another merchant. Do not purchase a Staples eGift card as they are sold by cashstar and I do not believe they will trigger the statement credit, although not yet verified). You can also purchase the cheapest item you find on their site and do in-store pick up to avoid shipping. There are many $1 items.

NeweggPurchase the cheapest item you can find, some items are less than $1. Or, to ensure your order doesn’t get canceled and to make life easy you can just purchase a $10 gift card to your favorite merchant. Here is a sample list of some popular $10 gift card options: Kohl’s, Kmart, Overstock, Gap, Lord & Taylor, JC Penney, The Home Depot, Groupon, Cheesecake Factory, CVS, Barnes & Nobles

GapThe cheapest gift card option is $25. So while it is not a money maker, it does allow you to purchase it at a significant discount. I do not believe the eGift card option will trigger the statement credit. You can also purchase the cheapest item you find, i.e. a pair of socks. Currently use code START to get 40% off and free 2-day shipping.

Pizza Hut: Gift card option doesn’t allow for Visa Checkout. But if you live near a Pizza Hut see if you can order a soda online and pick it up.

Neiman MarcusCheapest gift card option is $25. Most other items at this store are expensive so won’t really be a money maker, but if you were going to make a purchase anyways can be a great way to get money back.

Williams SonomaCheapest gift card option is $25. The eGift card option probably will not trigger the statement credit, but not yet confirmed. Free shipping is only available on purchases of $49 or more. Not a money maker, but definitely a way to get a significant discount on a gift card.

GymboreeCheapest gift card option is $25. Free shipping is only available on purchases of $50 or more. Not a money maker, but definitely a way to get a significant discount on a gift card.

OrbitzI cannot find a gift card option. Only opportunity here is to get a $15 statement credit on a travel-related reservation. Just make sure you are paying Orbitz directly and not the merchant.

ZulilyGift card options start at $25. Or, you’ll get a $15 statement credit on your purchase. Just remember that even the least expensive item still comes with a shipping fee.

FandangoI personally cannot get the gift card site to work. Or just go to the movies, enjoy the show, and receive your statement credit!

Virgin AmericaI cannot find gift card options, so not sure if they are available. Purchasing points will not trigger the statement credit as it is a transaction. If you have a Virgin America flight to purchase this will save you $15.

Under ArmourWhile there are $25 gift cards for sale, they all seem to be sold out. Free shipping is only available on purchases of $49 or more.


There are definitely some merchants available where you can get free items or make some money! I highly suggest taking advantage of Newegg, Staples, or Pizza Hut to start with. Other than that, getting the $15 statement credit at the remaining merchants will just save you money, which is still great!

Feel free to report back with what you find!

Thanks to Frequent Miler for sharing this promotion!

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5 years ago

It says, There is a limit of 1 $15 statement credit per customer or card account…. Not per merchant so doesn’t that mean $15 (and not $180)?

5 years ago
Reply to  dealswelike

I did the same thing. I have two purchases going, both $3 from Staples and Under Armour. Same card.

5 years ago
Reply to  dealswelike

Doesn’t seem at all vague to me. I agree with ATank — it’s unlike the AMEX deal.

5 years ago
Reply to  ATank

That is my understanding as well.

5 years ago

You think this means “To qualify for this offer, you must use your Chase Sapphire or Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa credit card with your Visa Checkout account during checkout. Limit (1) $15 statement credit per customer or card account. ”

only one time or at each of the stores?

5 years ago

Well the Amex deal worked for all of us because we could wait for others to report success. Amex Offers generally get credited very quickly, within a day or so. In this case, given the language of the offer, my bet is you won’t know for a while. Meaning not before 9/30 comes and goes. I wonder if using a different VISA Checkout account will make any difference. For example my account and the wife’s account at Newegg buying a low cost item just like last time. Easy enough to try and little risk. If it doesn’t work I’m only… Read more »

5 years ago

Pizza Hut gift cards are not eligible for Visa Checkout .

5 years ago


5 years ago

I just bought a 49c download from Newegg; I’ll hold off on the other vendors for now until I hear more. Also, I want to make sure we didn’t have to register for this promo. I didn’t get any alerts from Visa Checkout about an upcoming statement credit like I did with AMEX. I’m new to Visa Checkout– when can I expect the credit?

5 years ago

Under Armour sells e-gift cards in any amount so you do not need to wait for the $25 ones. Just buy a $15 one (or $1 for that matter).

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