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I was recently introduced to the cash back site Piggy where you can earn cash while shopping online at many popular merchants. While Piggy is very similar to many of the other cash back portals out there, there are two differences that make them somewhat unique. For these reasons, I actually think Piggy has great potential to save you money!

  • Piggy has a plug-in extension which means you do not need to go to the Piggy site first. You just install the plug-in and while shopping at any partner merchant online a Piggy icon will appear on the side and ask you if you’d like cash back while shopping. This is great for those that are slightly lazy and won’t think of going to the Piggy site first or do not want to take that extra step. The only other cash back portal that I know that has this is Ebates.

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  • Piggy will automatically add coupon codes for you while shopping at a partner merchant. While many of these coupon codes are available via a Google search, I know there are many people out there that do not take this extra step to see if there are any additional coupons while shopping. Piggy essentially does it for you which is great!

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  • They have a unique cash back app for mobile devices (available for both Android and IOS). The app will find and apply coupons for you as well as give you the cash back for that merchant. I personally am not aware of any other cash back site that is easy to use while shopping on my phone. You do not actually need to open the app to shop while on your phone, it works in the background. I will probably always use Piggy while shopping on my phone.

You can check out their YouTube video to see more on how it works. You can also install the app on your Android device or iPhone so it’ll automatically apply coupons and get you the cash back while shopping on your phone, not just when you are at your computer.

Also, whenever shopping online I always suggest comparing the cash back of one shopping portal against another one and to use the one where you’ll receive the highest cash back. I personally use, but it doesn’t pull in all the cash back sites – like Piggy and TopCashBack. While I have not checked every merchant Piggy has partnered with, it seems like they might fall slightly short of being the best, although there were a few that were better then Ebates and TopCashBack at the time of checking. But, if you aren’t going to compare or you aren’t even going to generate cash back by taking the few extra steps, then Piggy is a great way to never forget and get that unexpected bonus check in the mail! You can join Piggy here. From there you can follow the steps to install the plug-in and download the app on your phone.

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4 years ago

Great post and I love hearing about new tools that automate savings. A few others that you may, or may not know, are Honey and Coupons at Checkout, and Wikibuy. They can add coupons automatically as well. I have written about these types of tools on my blog,



Nancy Delano
4 years ago
Reply to  Mark

I havn’t tried Wikibuy, I will have to do that. I did try Honey side by side with Piggy. Piggy’s coupons seemed to work better. I also liked the fact Piggy offers cashback and of course their android coupon app!

4 years ago

Cool Thanks!

Zidane Shepard
4 years ago

Thanks for the information! I especially like how you don’t need to go to the site to find coupons while you shop. I do a lot of online shopping, so this really saves time on trying to find the best sales. I will be sure to take advantage of this while shopping in the future!

3 years ago

Anyone has coupons to shop on Walmart?

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