Earn a Free Night at Any Wyndham Hotel After 2 Stays!

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Wyndham just launched an awesome promotion where you’ll earn 7,500 bonus points per stay, up to 15,000 points (2 stays in total). While 15,000 points might not seem like a lot, if you are aware of Wyndham’s program, you’ll know that those points will actually get you a free night at any Wyndham property. Wyndham has a fixed redemption program where all hotels require 15,000 points per night regardless of the quality and cost of the hotel. A Holiday Inn Express right off the highway costs the same as their all-inclusive Wyndham hotel in the Caribbean! This promotion is for stays through October 31, 2017.

The only caveat to the promotion is that you’ll need to use Masterpass to pay for your reservation. You can still receive online or on the Wyndham app, but you’ll need to select the “Masterpass” payment option during checkout. You do not need a Mastercard as a form of payment and can use the credit card you were going to use anyways. There really is no difference on your end how you pay – you’ll have the same cancelation policy and will be paying the exact same price. It is jut a third-party bill payment system you are using. So if you already booked an upcoming stay, you’ll need to cancel and re-book.

While this isn’t nearly as good as the promotion they ran in 2012, this is the best offer we’ve seen in quite some time. And definitely the best hotel promotion currently when comparing it against the other hotel chains. In 2012 they offered a promotion where you could get 16,000 points per stay, up to 3 stays! 

This could definitely be a mattress run worthy promotion. For example, on a quick search, I saw that the Days Inn in Orlando/International Drive has rooms for $37.29. This is an incredibly inexpensive rate and if you were to stay at this hotel twice, you’d pay a total of $77.58. That will then earn you the 15,000 points which you can turn around and redeem for a room that could possibly cost $300 or more! While Wyndham doesn’t have as many high end properties as some of the other chain hotels, you could definitely get some good value out of these points – New York City, Napa, Aspen, Caribbean, etc.!

No Show Stays Might Earn Points!

Back in 2012 when I wrote about the 16,000 point promotion extensively, if you booked a hotel at any Wyndham property but didn’t actually check-in, you’d still earn your regular points for a no-show stay. With every other hotel chain, you will not receive the points, so this is unique. I haven’t actually stayed at a Wyndham property since then, so I am not sure if no-show stays still earn points and I cannot find much information in the internet if this is still the case. IF this is the case, then just find the cheapest property possible, book two separate stays, never check in, and you’ll still get the 15,000 points. Just know that there is some risk with this. If you have received Wyndham points for a no show stay at one of their properties, please comment below!

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4 years ago

curious why you deleted my question about whether points post on no-shows? if you don’t want people asking questions, then turn off comments or don’t blog. simple, really

Jay Cee
Jay Cee
4 years ago

If you have more than one Wyndham account (spouse parent etc)
Do you think you can use the same masterpass payment info on 2 separate Wyndham log ins?
My guess is the promotion would not be applied to the second account as they would see that it was 4 bookings instead of the maximum of 2.
But if it was likely to work, a four day stay with a relative, booking every other day on the opposite account would be a net of 15,000 bonus for each account.

Jay Cee
Jay Cee
4 years ago
Reply to  Jay Cee

I tried it out and it looks like it catches it as using the same master pass account.

I was able to get 2X 7500 points for 2 seperate stays. the first bonus showed on account a week after the stay, the second took 14 days.

I then paid on a friends Wyndham account with my Masterpass, as a test, and it’s been 21 days and no bonus. Maybe it will still arrive, but unsure.

On a side note, I have had multiple issues with Masterpass link on Wyndham site not doing anything, click and nothing happens. Visa link would work.

I tried incognito session, reboot, turn off adblock and internet security, etc etc .
Finally had to just pay normally as rooms were selling out in that city.
But the next day it would work fine, maybe a system overload during peak times.

So I actually had to pay for one more stay with Wyndham than I wanted, but it was in between Choice hotels promotions, so not really a big deal.

Jay Cee
Jay Cee
4 years ago
Reply to  Jay Cee

Murphys law and all that, after I posted this, 2 days later it DID post the 7500 bonus to the friends account from using my Masterpass to pay.
On this stay it took 21 days to post.

I guess now I’m going to have to call them and see if they will do an adjustment for the stay that I could not get the Masterpass link to work, I don’t expect a positive outcome, but It’s worth a try.

If I knew for sure it would work, I would have slotted another stay at Wyndham before my work season was over. So now I am going to have to sneak a cheap stay somewhere so I don’t leave that 15,000 / free night on the table.


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