Money making offer with Kohl’s small kitchen appliances: Keep, resell or donate

black friday
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Kohl’s just launched their Black Friday sales and amongst many of their many saving deals, you can purchase a ton of small kitchen appliances at a huge discount. After applying the shopping portal cash back, rebate and Kohl’s cash you’ll receive, you will actually be MAKING MONEY. This is actually a similar deal that they have run the past few years. In the past, I personally have purchased 40+ items in total and donated them to an organization that helps those previously in homeless shelters get back on their feet with their own home.

Use a Kohl’s coupon code

There are 11 different Toastmaster small appliances available on sale for $19.99. There are the two different coupon codes that you can apply, one for 10% off (HOME10) and one for 15% of, which brings the product down to $15.29.

There is then a rebate for all of these items offering $12 back in the form of a Visa gift card. (You can purchase up to 5 items per product — so a total of 55 small appliances if you’d like to go all in). That means you are looking at paying just $3.29 per items (plus tax). While this is not free on the surface (although pretty close), you can actually come out ahead. Keep on reading!

You can check out all the items at Kohl’s site, but wait! You’ll want to make sure to go through a shopping portal first.

Use an online shopping portal

There are currently some decent cash back opportunities, so you’ll have to pick whether you prefer cash or loyalty points. Here are the best shopping portals to go through right now:

  • Swagbucks: 6% cash back on all Kohl’s purchases
  • Delta SkyMiles: 6x miles on all Kohl’s purchases
  • Wyndham Rewards: 5x points on all Kohl’s purchases
  • Chase Freedom: 5x points on all Kohl’s purchases
  • Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates): Offering 1% cash back on all Kohl’s purchases, but new members will receive a $40 bonus after their first purchase 

With the 6% cash back from Swagbucks on the price paid prior to the rebate (which is $15.29), you’ll get back $0.91 per item, bringing the total price down to $2.38 per item.

If you are new to Rakuten though, you might be better off getting less cash back due to the $40 bonus.

Or, you can always go through an airline or credit card program. Check evreward to see some of the payouts for Kohls.

Use the best credit card

Let’s assume you are using a 2% cash back card, you’ll also earn the cash back on the $15.29 price paid. This will give you an extra $0.30 back her item. This will then bring your total price down to $2.08 per appliance.

Earn Kohl’s Cash

Now, if you go all in and purchase multiple items, you can get $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend. I personally find Kohl’s Cash incredibly easy to use and it is truly “free money” to use at Kohl’s on your next shopping trip. Kohls’ Cash can be used between Nov. 26 and Dec. 7, 2022.

On top of the $15 in Kohl’s cash, you’ll also earn 5% in Kohl’s Rewards by signing up to be a Kohl’s Rewards member. Balances are converted and issued in $5 increments on the first day of the following month and are valid for 30 days. 

With both Kohl’s cash back Kohl’s Rewards, there are limited brand exclusions (everything but Sephora) and you can combine them today in a single purchase.

The math on going all in

Here is the math if you purchase 10 items as an example. Of course this can be scaled, but remember the math works best when you purchase as close to $50 increments.

  • Purchase price: 10 x ($19.99 – 15% – 10%) = $152.90 total price paid
  • Swagbucks cash back = $9.17 (or Rakuten would be $1.52 + $40 for new members = $41.52)
  • Credit card cash back (assuming 2% cash back card) = $3.05
  • Visa gift card after rebate = $120 ($12 rebate for each appliance purchased)
  • Kohl’s cash = $45 ($15 for every $50 spent)
  • Kohl’s Rewards = $15 ($5 per $50 spent)

This means your cash outlay after all your cash back is $140.68. You’ll then receive $120 in Visa gift cards and $60 in Kohl’s money. If you consider both as “cash” you are then ahead by $39.32! (Although this doesn’t take into consideration the tax paid based on your state).

You can then go ahead and keep the items, donate the items or resell the items. Similar to the past few years, I will personally be donating the items. I found it extremely easy to find worthy organizations to donate and spread the holiday cheer.


If you are going to take part in this deal, act soon as many items will start selling out. Ultimately, this is a great way to get some “free” items, meet credit card minimum spend, make money or do some good by donating items to those is need.

Per the rebate terms, all items must be purchased by Nov. 25, 2022. Just remember, shopping portal bonus payouts could change tomorrow (for the better or worse).

What is your strategy?

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As always, thank you for supporting the blog and enjoy traveling on a deal.

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3 years ago

Nice. Kohl’s should have just donated them itself considering all the money except credit card cashback is coming from their pocket.

3 years ago

Good stuff. Btw, Chase Freedom is 5x at Kohl’s this quarter (Department Store — it’s on the list).

2 years ago

Uh, sales tax?

2 years ago

What about using Kohl’s gift cards – purchased from Kroger? Would you still get Kohl’s Rewards, Kohl’s Cash, and rebate from Rakuten, or other cashback site? Or is it just on the cash portion?

2 years ago

Data point: Online in Richmond VA, I’m only showing five products at 8PM. Anyone else?

Marilyn B
Marilyn B
2 years ago
Reply to  Randy

Yes, same here in NYC ‘burbs. BF sales started at 12:01am CT (1:01am ET). I wanted a Ninja blender so I was online right at that time to get it. It was sold out when I checked earlier this afternoon. BF sales at Kohl’s go fast.

2 years ago
Reply to  Marilyn B

Tried again this morning (Monday) and more of the items were on the website. Trouble with the home delivery though.

2 years ago

USELESS! They send a prepaid debit card as a rebate and its impossible to liquidate.

2 years ago

Ok, i went online today and bought several of the small appliances with the $14 rebate. Can these all be mailed together, do I have to separate? Does anyone have the info on this? Thank you!

1 year ago

I personally hate Kohl’s so alternatively you can buy most of these on ebay for around $5.99, less 10% ($5.39 each) by buying 2 or more. You can get 1 mile per $ or 3% cashback and no sales tax bringing the price $5.23’ish each. The sales tax difference brings the price down by another $1.19 or so from the $16.99 Kohl’s gross purchase cost so that would figure $4.04 approximately. This doesn’t include any Ebay or Paypal offers like the 50k Bonvoy Amex Paypall offer, etc. You don’t get the Kohl’s cash but then again you don’t have to shop at Kohl’s which is a bonus to me.

Em Em
Em Em
1 year ago

Last year, I received about half the appliances with the barcode already cut out which is needed for the rebate.

10 months ago

this is such a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

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